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My little loves are growing so fast, making me reflect on how they were born in different ways. I had a doula with each birth , moves and different circumstances meant I had a different support system for each birth. The value of support durning transitional periods is so vital, I can now see how having perspective and objectivity is one of my main roles as a doula. This was offered to me from my support people and now I pass it along . Listening , truly listening to hear and not fix . I have to remind myself as a partner , doula!, mom , friend , we don’t have to fix all the problems , pain, and discomfort. What we can do is provide a real moment of availability , and encourage reflection. A safe space for growth and re-evaluation and to assist in clarifying concerns and goals. Love and support makes transitions feel less scary and with less fear there is less discomfort.

Grace and love to you today and all days xoxo Suz


Birthing Classes

 I am getting so excited about our class series that is starting this Sunday . If you are interesting in joining us or have questions , please contact me .

South Dakota Doula

logoThis year so far has been rush of cold air and beautiful births. I have had a chance to do some reflecting about what makes birth special and how it changes us. If you know me you know, that this seemingly simple pondering could take  weeks of conversation and result in many different opinions about what makes birth trans-formative. Right now I seem to be aware of how unique each birth experience is and how it varies, even among individuals between subsequent births. How does it change us? It does encourage us and require us to delve into a primal place we rarely visit. This is only one thought of many that I have regarding the mentioned question, and one I will continue to reflect on this week. How has it changed you?


If we have no peace, it …

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

In this moment, this point in time, I am convinced that we are all linked together in many ways. How and where we enter the world matters, parents matter, health care providers matter, and babies matter. We all impact the future. We focus on only one of the above and we have lost sight of the bigger picture. Connections and bonding are what allow us to be free with ourselves, free with our love, trusting that our bonds with hold us together when life hands us something unexpected. Birth is a labor of love we must trust in the process. Birth is two people working together, mother and baby, each playing a part in this journey. Peaceful journey, powerful movement and each life belonging to and with one another.

Childbirth education classes Q&A

ICEA Childbirth Education Classes

 A series of 6 classes that are on average 2 hours a piece.

Topics of discussion are : Natural coping techniques, self hypnosis or relaxation methods, Comfort measures during labor, laboring and pushing positions, baby development, interventions and how to reduce risks during labor, breastfeeding, the importance of your care provider and so much more.  You help determine the course content.

When : Series begin in May, September, November & February

Where : my house

Cost : 125.00  for classes, supplies and refresher course if you have not had your baby within 1 month of completing the course.

Do you offer one on one classes? Yes, I offer 4 hours speedy session for couples based exclusively information desired.

Contact me via email to get more details or to sign up for classes.